{Coyote Totem Meaning}

Wisdom, jokester, having fun, stimulates cooperation and tasks, adaptations, balances knowledge and laughter into teaching, shows us how to learn from our mistakes with wisdom and a sense of humor, sense of family and children, demonstrating and communicating along with balancing risk and safety, trust and connection to the Spirit to find answers. Are you taking yourself too seriously? Too uptight and stressed? Are you trusting enough right now? Coyote will teach resourcefulness and adapting to new situations and how humor can be a useful tool in any situation. (http://www.starstuffs.com/animal_totems/dictionary_of_animals.html)

  • Trickster
  • Intelligence
  • Stealth
  • Wisdom
  • Folley
  • Guile
  • Innocence
04/24/12 at 9:02pm
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